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Remember, you are in control of how your days go. Just because negativity surrounds you, doesn’t mean you have to let it take you. You’re a warrior! Don’t let others steal your joy. Embrace them with yours so that your positiveness can rub off on them”.


I believe there’s a time and there is a season for everything we do in life. I also believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a purpose for you visiting this site. While you’re here, I pray that you find the motivation/inspiration.(ABOUT ME).


“One thing I’ve learned about life is that things happen. You can’t control them all…meaning you can’t bring IMG_0209yesterday into Today….whatever happened yesterday, or the day before, let it go. Worry less, pray more and look forward to your future”.

What I Believe

It’s a little cliche’, but I firmly believe the “Truth Will Set You Free”. That is one reason why everything you read on my page is based on the truth. All of my posts either have something to do with me or someone close to me that has allowed me to share their testimony to help you.¬†



My mission is to teach you how to recover from all mistakes, and to not let your past defer you from achieving your goals and dreams, all while giving you inspiration through poetry, blogs, and radio.


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