“He who believes is strong, he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions”~ Are you ready to start believing in yourself, despite what others may think of you?


My name is Felicia_Yolanda. I am a writer, photographer, radio personality, and encourager. I started this blog in 2015, and it has been evolving ever since.  I started Radio 1 picout writing inspirational blog posts, then I started adding in poetry, and then I decided to add podcasts and videos to it, in an attempt to show everyone you can achieve your goals no matter your circumstances or where you come from. My main focus is to encourage people in whatever way I can through real-life experiences. Everything I write comes from the heart and is true whether is about me, or someone close to that has allowed me to share their testimony to help you.

“Take a moment and look at yourself. When you look, see the good in you. Start saying good things about yourself and get rid of the negative things. You are a gift. Love yourself more and believe in you. You are such a strong individual”.

Currently, I’ve been on this mission to inspire people to look for growth and to achieve their goals. Sometimes we lose our way and need a bit of a push.  I’ve learned it’s easy to settle and become comfortable…but where does that get you, if you’re not happy or not reaching your full capabilities…My only intent with this site is to encourage people who are seeking encouragement and a little push. I want to let you know that there is still hope as long as you believe. Along with blog posts,  I will be posting videos and podcasts. The podcasts will be of a radio show I’m working on called “A Dose of Inspiration”. There will also be a video segment to go along with  ” A Dose of Inspiration”, which will consist of interviews with people who I find to be an inspiration to me and prayerfully an inspiration to you. With that being said, Are you ready…..because I’m ready… LET’S GET INSPIRED!!!

God Bless,



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