Secrets aren’t meant to be told so I’ll keep my mouth closed

But closing my mouth doesn’t mean I can keep my heart closed.

The more I try, the more beats continue to impose.

One beat two three beats four

Five beats… six beats 7 beats… there’s more

9 then ten… a decade unfolds Continue reading “Secrets Untold”




SWAG! A strong witness about God that’s me

Because if I told you my story you’d be amazed by His grace and mercy..And awed by the power of **FAITH**

But you too have a story

Cause that test you went through could serve as a testimoy…

Shedding light on others falling short of his glory..

Showing that he is God and God alone

No idol can compare or come before him

And while you were sitting in distraught, thinking you were going through it.

He wrote it in his words saying “It’s already done”…SWAG! Continue reading




Personality…you got it.

Career…you’re on it

Independent….that’s a plus

Motivational support….blessed

All accounted for…but still something’s missing…”

Continue reading

Season or

With time comes change, and with change comes a new season.

With laughter comes fun, and with fun comes friends.

But just like seasons, friends come and go

So tell me are you lifetime,or are you a season? Continue reading

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